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    James (Dienstag, 03 August 2021 23:29)

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    Anderson Dolce (Donnerstag, 15 April 2021 04:50)

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    Pat 29LR001 (Montag, 01 Juni 2020 09:23)

    Hi Tom,
    Nice site,
    Good luck Good dx


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    Thorsten König (Dienstag, 26 Mai 2020 20:52)

    Very nice page!


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    Luis (Dienstag, 03 Juli 2018 01:43)

    Olá amigos
    Agradeço por ter me aceitado no grupo DL

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    13 DL 001 Tom (Freitag, 01 Juni 2018 11:35)

    Welcome Dudi to our homepage of Delta-Lima-DX-Group - the Specialists of DX.
    and thank you for the first GB entry

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    Dudi (Dienstag, 29 Mai 2018 18:12)

    Hello DL dx group

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    TOM (Donnerstag, 07 Dezember 2017 04:44)

    welcome to our new Delta-Lima DX-Group homepage. I hope you like it.
    if you got questions please send a message via contact form.